Friday, September 12, 2008

An official place and time!

Joe and I finally decided on a date! October 18th!!! We decided to get married in California too. We were having a lot of trouble finding a place up here for relatively cheap. Then my thinking was if we are going to put time and money into planning this I want people to be able to come and celebrate with us! We started brainstorming places in California where we could have it for free and came up with a bunch. We are going to have the ceremony on the Cayucus Beach and then follow that with a reception at O'neils coffee shop. It has been pretty amazing to see people jumping in to help me. I wouldn't be able to do it with out all the help I am getting. I really am humbled to see everyone putting so much effort into it and wanting to help so bad. Even friends in Portland are planning stuff for me. It's just crazy to me! I am so appreciative.
I am not going to describe all of the details so if you don't know you'll just have to be surprised:)


Bethany said...

woot woot!!

a.d.m.b. said...

Erin is closing on the 17th of knew that right?

Bethany Lunsford said...

you ever going to blog again or what?!